UPCOMING PROGRAM: The Art-e-facts of Storytelling: Indigenous Perspectives Saturday, June 23rd from

Meet ARTCi’s First Nations Elder Nk’xetko on Saturday, June 23rd from 1pm -3pm at Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site. You are invited to listen to Nk’xetko’s story telling and view her quilts, drum, artefacts, and photos. Hear the inside story of her experiences of Residential Schools and discuss the process of truth and reconciliation. Reflections: The Art-e-facts of Storytelling: Indigenous Perspectives – Sat, June 2, 2pm – 4pm ARTCi’s Elder, Nk’xetko and theatre and Indigenous artist Shelley MacDonald were at Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site on Saturday, June 2nd for a day of sharing their Indigenous perspectives. Shelley reflects, “It was a great event where we had the

The Heritage Scroll is Unfurled

Artists Rendering Tales Collective Inc.’s 'Heritage Scroll' has been taking on a life of its own as visitors have been painting on it to record their impressions of and connection to Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site and its location beside the Fraser River. The events on May 19th and June 2nd drew well over 100 people to the Seine Net Loft to meet artists Karen Myskiw and Tracie Stewart. The artists encouraged visitors to use mixed media to add something personal to the scroll that reflected their journey to the site and Britannia’s history. It was marvelous to witness first time painters, children, and more experienced artists collaborate on the Heritage Scroll. One visitor, Nitta

When Your Art Makes History and History is Art

ARTCi has been on site at Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site creating art from historical artefacts and bringing characters from the past to life as part of the Tide Water Tales Project. Each workshop and event has been and will continue to be filled with art and history in action, demonstrating how accessible art is and how it connects us all to one another and a sense of time and place; how we are all artists. Both Shelley and Lori have run drama and poetry workshops for people interested in creating historical characters that they can perform at upcoming events. Smiles and laughter broke out as participants played a round of “One Word Story,” a game where each person contribute

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