A Mission to Educate

With the Mission ships scheduled to be docked at Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site on August 18th and 19th, it seems fitting that the story of Canada’s first Catholic Kindergarten/daycare, started by the Franciscan Sisters of Atonement be highlighted this month as part of Steveston’s waterfront history. Sister Jerome Kelliher and Sister Eugenia Koppes from the Order of the Franciscan Sisters of Atonement, an order renowned for its dedication to living in simplicity, for serving the poor and for empowering those who may be neglected or oppressed, came to Steveston in 1931. Gordon Kibble, a local writer and marine ecological educator has written extensively about the order’s stay and

Writing Roles: Volunteer Actors Prepare to Perform Their Tide Water Tales

Theatre is a tremendous tool for tapping into people’s creativity. It is also a tremendous tool for exploring the past and developing empathy and understanding for those who have come before. ARTCi recently hosted a theatre workshop at Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site where creativity reigned and the voices of the past were born again through the pens of a new generation. Using historical documents, and after being given a brief introduction to the many cultures and people who contributed to Britannia’s history, participants selected a character, for example, a Japanese picture bride, an Indigenous net mender or a European shipbuilder. We then did some role playing games. In charac

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