Britannia Shipyards Historic Halloween Ghost Tour: Things That Go BUMP or CRASH in the Night…

October…a time of carved pumpkins, harvest gatherings, costumed children and early dusk. As Halloween creeps closer with its tricks and treats, and as the seasonal wheel brings us deeper into fall, people have been traditionally drawn out of the rain and into the realm of the storyteller. Every culture values stories and at this time of year, to mark the shorter days and longer nights these stories often take on a spookier context and focus on “things that go BUMP in the night” or “those who have gone before”. It is a season of goosebumps and chills up the spine, a season of, “did you hear that?” or “was that just the light playing tricks on me or did I just see the figure of a man in the s

The history and the story

Between past and present, ARTCi's own FNM storyteller takes you on a journey to learn more about the connection between people and place, through historical characters played by volunteer actors at the Britannia Shipyards Historical Site.

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