What We've Been Up to...ARTCi's Summer Projects

Roy Mulder In June, Roy completed an ARTCi video production for the Burnaby School Dancers who created a performance piece on the residential school experience. Roy facilitated bringing in elders and First Nation dancers Gloria and Keith Nahanee to speak to participating students about their residential school experience. This inspiration resulted in a beautifully choreographed dance by the Burnaby School Dancers. The video was screened at Michael J. Fox Theatre and was part of the final performance piece. Click here to watch the video. Roy had a busy summer as he officially became bi-coastal. He relocated his home base to Nova Scotia and has designed and is building a container home in Ardn

Catching Up With ARTCi: Our Summer Adventures Part One

ARTCi's summer was as vibrant as an August sunset with many of our artists undertaking colourful projects both here at home and internationally. Shelley MacDonald has been on tour across BC with actor and Coast Salish playwright and artist John Aitken with stops on Mayne Island, in Wells, Victoria and North Vancouver. John's play, the Gift, tells his story of survival, personal resilience and reconciliation as he lived his childhood, nonverbally. Utilizing dance/movement, physical acting, vocalization, drumming and singing Shelley and John take the audience through the emotions of love and tenderness, through fear, terror and loss, then finally to hope, joy and celebration culminating in Jo

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