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the Federation of Francophones in British Columbia (FFCB)

The Predeparture's Project was a compilation of 19 videos produced in French and English for new Francophone immigrants to Canada.


The DAREarts program is a leadership through the arts program that teaches students to take initiative and improve their cooperative skills. The Artists Rendering Tales Collective Inc. team is contracted on a yearly basis by DAREarts to conduct a week long intensive with Grade 7 Britannia students.

ArtStarts School Projects

The Vancouver ArtStarts Program has provided funding for our team to work in partnership with schools. This allows us to provide a rich, arts based, experiential learning program for young learners.  Artists Rendering Tales Collective Inc. continue to be active members of the ArtStarts roster. Funding applications are usually due in May and October. 

Vancouver Artist Residency 

Brunella, Karen and Mary Jane collaborated with the Vancouver Opera as children created music, poetry, digital media, photography and charcoal murals as part of an exploration of how residential school children were stripped of their rights. In  a final assemble presentation,  at Lord Nelson Elementary, Ms Wong's grade 5 class shared a meaningful response, leading the way, as we all come to terms with our past wrongs as Canadians. 

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