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Karen J Myskiw
Visual Artist, Educator, Landscape Designer

Karen June Myskiw is an enthusiastic creative who practices as an artist, designer and educator. As an award winning landscape designer she has worked with non-profit organizations and has created outdoor classrooms modeling sustainable food justice. As an Artist in Residence, she leads art programs with young people in grades K to 12 exploring a wide range of media and formats including large-scale murals, film photography, painting and Manga.


An international published researcher on art practices she has co-authored a paper with Dr. Daren Garside on art as a medium for finding voice, hope and expression titled,  Community of Inquiry and Underserved Youth Engagement: A Reflective Account of Philosophy and Method. As an art practitioner and teacher, she is involved with an international project  with Bath Spa University and Autonomous University of Barcelona, using the multiple medias of music, singing, sculpture, and art as a means of empowerment for community building with new immigrant children.  She sits on the IMAPON/LocoMotoArt Collective Board of Directors.


In her personal artistic practice she explores water-colour, acrylics, mixed media and film photography. Karen’s local and international medium format film based photography documents  genus loci of landscape and memory. Her art finds greatest expression in working collaboratively on community based public arts projects.

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