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The Heritage Scroll is Unfurled

Artists Rendering Tales Collective Inc.’s 'Heritage Scroll' has been taking on a life of its own as visitors have been painting on it to record their impressions of and connection to Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site and its location beside the Fraser River.

Tracie at play. Photo by Lori Sherritt-Fleming.

Young artists work with their favourite colours. Photo by Karen Myskiw.

Contemplating the symbolism of place, painting the Heritage Scroll. Photo by Lori Sherritt-Fleming.

The events on May 19th and June 2nd drew well over 100 people to the Seine Net Loft to meet artists Karen Myskiw and Tracie Stewart. The artists encouraged visitors to use mixed media to add something personal to the scroll that reflected their journey to the site and Britannia’s history. It was marvelous to witness first time painters, children, and more experienced artists collaborate on the Heritage Scroll.

One visitor, Nitta, (a cannery rat as she called herself), along with her four sisters, spent time around Britannia Shipyards and recalled growing up and selling soda to the fishermen. Her mom was fondly known as the woman with five daughters. She along with others left her mark as part of our active collaboration. At another point, three generations of family members painted on the scroll, each with a different connection to Britannia, and a distinct hand and style.

Three generations of artists. Photo by Lori Sherritt-Fleming.

The Scroll evolves! Photo by Tracie Stewart.

Join us at upcoming events in June or August as a volunteer or as a visitor!

Over the course of the Tide Water Tales residency, you too can join Artists Rendering Tales Collective Inc. and share your memories by adding to the scroll’s visual narrative.

Volunteer Drama Workshop: Saturday, June 23rd 9:30am-12:30pm – Chinese Bunkhouse

Listen, learn and participate in drama workshops that bring to life the people who lived and worked at Britannia Shipyards. Become part of the theatrical team who enact historical characters and engage visitors in performances.

Indigenous Perspectives: Saturday, June 23rd 1:00pm-3:00pm – Murakami Boatworks

Mary Jane Joe will share stories of being a survivor of Residential School, her personal belongings, a talking circle, traditional language, drumming and facilitate a Friendship Dance, all on the theme of reconciliation.

Coastal Mission Vessel Rendezvous - Aug. 18th – 19th 11am-3pm. Murakami Boatworks

Drop in and meet the Franciscan Sister of Atonement, who lived in the red house for many years and started a Japanese kindergarten in the late 1800’s and some of her contemporaries. Professional and volunteer actors will be present to share stories from the past, in the role as historical roving characters.

What mark will you leave? Photo by Lori Sherritt-Fleming.

Art Workshop: Historical Scroll and Mapping Creation – Aug. 18th-19th 11-3pm. Murakami Boatworks

Join ARTCi for a hands-on activity creating a historical scroll representing Britannia’s community stories, past and present.

Video Shoot:

ARTCi will be on location, August 18th and 19th from 10am-5pm capturing Britannia’s engagement with the visual and expressive arts.

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