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Vancouver Symphony Orchestra School of Music and ARTCi Team Up for Spring Break!

Music moves us, connects us. Through it we learn about ourselves and others. It enlivens us, quiets us, weaving into its lyrics and tones the art of story.

From March 25th to March 29th, ARTCi artists are partnering with the VSO School of Music to explore, with young participants, their knowledge of and connection to some of Canada's Indigenous stories as well as experience the music and instruments of cultures from around the world. Camps are full or half day and are geared towards children from Kindergarten to grade three.

Mornings will be spent experiencing and playing music from around the world including China, Vietnam, India, Ireland, Israel and Quebec. In the afternoon, ARTCi will inspire children with Indigenous stories with an Elder and artists. On day one, children will meet Nk’xetko, ARTCi's Elder who will introduce traditional drumming, music, protocol and storytelling traditions. Children will then enjoy a week of expressing these stories with ARTCi's drama, visual and media arts artists. There will be a different art form every day! All sessions are led by experienced childhood education specialists. The camp caters for a maximum of twelve children with an assistant supervisor. Each day starts with an invigorating warm-up and ends with a calming wrap-up session.

Stay tuned for photos and stories of Nk'xetko's workshop, of Tracie's musical instrument making session, of Roy's photographic storytelling lesson, of Lori's drama sessions and of Karen's colourful art explosion. Special thanks to Shelley and to the VSO School of Music for facilitating the programs.

For more information or to register visit:

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