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Artists Rendering Tales Collective Inc. Receive the City of Richmond’s Award for Artistic Innovation

Today, the City of Richmond and the Richmond Arts Coalition announced the six recipients of the 13th annual Richmond Arts Awards, which recognizes Richmond residents, artists, business leaders, educators and change-makers for their achievements and contributions to the arts community.

Artists Rendering Tales Collective Inc. are honoured and humbled to be the recipient of the City of Richmond’s Award for Artistic Innovation for 2021.

This prestigious award recognizes an individual artist or organization that is producing visionary creative work, exhibiting innovation within their arts discipline and/or bringing a new cultural experience to the city of Richmond.

In the City’s press release, Mayor Malcolm Brodie states, “In the past year, the arts have helped us cope with our separation by bringing us together in creative ways. Despite the challenges artists have faced, these recipients demonstrated resourcefulness, tenacity and passion for their community and deserve the recognition they are receiving with this award.”

ARTCi is in the company of an impressive array of recipients whose unique skill sets and ways of bringing people together through the act of creation have contributed to the spirit of inclusiveness and community that make Richmond such a welcoming place to live or visit. For more information on the awards and the recipients with whom we share this year’s honours, Brigid Coult, the Aberdeen Centre, Chiyoko ‘Mary’ Hirano, Jiliang Yao and Jackie Lai, visit:

Stay tuned for award videos and a feature article in the Richmond News in the coming days!

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