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Thank you Richmond! ARTCi accepts Award for Artistic Innovation

The Artists Rendering Tales Collective Inc. team is delighted to accept the City of Richmond's award for Artistic Innovation.

The Richmond Arts Awards program recognizes the achievements in and contributions to the arts by Richmond residents, artists, educators, organizers and business leaders. All artistic disciplines are eligible: visual, performing, literary and culinary arts, as well as craft, environmental arts and new media. The Richmond Arts Awards are presented through a partnership between the City of Richmond and the Richmond Arts Coalition, and are supported by the Richmond News. Thanks to Melanie Devoy for the photos.

There are so many people to thank. Please visit the link below to view the video we put together. Kudos to Brunella who used 'special effects' and 'zoom' to bring together those members who could not attend in person!

ARTCi looks forward to bringing many more innovative artistic projects to Richmond and beyond! Enjoy!

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