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Lynda Baker,
Cultural and Community Events Coordinator,
City of Coquitlam

Extreme Creativity >


The project that was assigned to ARTCi during our 125 celebrations was enormous and involved many facets. During this time ARTCi was eager to collaborate with diverse groups of people from the local First Nations Band, local drama groups and volunteers that could sometimes disappoint by pulling out at the last minute, as well as working with various City departments. Along with their extreme creativity they were always professional, adaptable, tactful and understood the needs and the complexities of any situation.

Justin Borsato, Grade 7 Teacher, Britannia Elementary

Students Taste Success >

Dare Arts Britannia elementary '17 .jpg

The leadership, teamwork and confidence that the program instills in students translates directly in to the classroom. The artists allow the students to 'taste success' thus, by the time they return to the classroom they can't help but strive for more, both academically and as leaders. ARTCi's positive effect on the social and emotional progress of the children resonates long after the program ends. It is because of this effect that I hope to continue to work with these amazing artists in the future.”

 Dr. Jeanette Gallant,
Voice teacher and Ethnomusicologist

Leadership, Empowerment and Laughter >

Vivians's class(2).jpg

My heart is so full having experienced the leadership displayed by all of you tonight. There was heart and beauty in every moment of our discussion and I am so honoured to have shared these moments of exchange and learning with all of you. Elder Nk'xetko you are a model of grace and I will be forever changed by your presence here tonight. You are the embodiment of resilience, and I am humbled by your amazing capacity to turn the dark into light. The sharing of your songs, stories, and the meaning of the drum are imprinted on my soul forever. What a gift! Shelley, you took all of our hands, as if pulling us up before we fell off a tall building, and gave us the tools and courage to lead, create, make mistakes, and trust our hearts. Empowerment is such an amazing gift. And did I mention the laughter? Shelley, you taught us so much about just being human. Thank you!

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