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Tracie Stewart
Visual and Installation Artist

Receiving international training as an artist & arborist, Tracie resides in the Fraser Valley.  As a CCA Grant holder and Artist in Residence, she practices  sculpture, multi-media collage, socially engaged & collaborative installation projects. These often relate to informed environmental science.  Other facets to Tracie's practices are arborist,  garden eco-design, and integrated pest management.

Tracie trained through Emily Carr College of Art and Design as a printmaker and drawer.  She also certified thru the International Society of Arboriculture.

Tracie's work as an arborist, project designer, IPM, and food grower informs her art making practice. Questions arise daily over food security, pollinator collapse, climate/ocean change and the connectivity of all, fueling her efforts to raise social awareness. Her role of guardian, caretaker and educator, as well as artist, experiencing the fullness of being immersed in the environment, leads her to create multi-sensory, socially engaged installations. These diverse art practices enable her to engage various communities to educate and invite participation. Questions fuel her art practice and answers arise through art.

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